The values that unite us


That of Patrice Retif, our president, who has served the company for 36 years. That of the families and siblings who have worked for us, generation after generation. That of our French, German, British and New Zealand suppliers, who have worked with us for decades. And, that of our customers: butchers, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and hypermarkets, agri-food industries and local authorities, who trust us and for whom we work tirelessly.


Year after year, and decade after decade, we remain open to change. We’re always ready to improve our product offer, to innovate in packaging, to strengthen our demand for traceability and to evolve our organisation.


As professionals, respect for the animals’ condition is obviously a major concern. It is a question of dignity and pride, as well as of training and professionalism. That is why we will always train our employees to follow good practices.